John Legend announces his partnership with A-Frame Brands to develop a skincare brand that addresses the specific needs of those with melanin-rich skin.

The affordably-priced gender neutral product line will include a dermatologist-approved, proprietary blend of ingredients that will make healthier skin accessible for all.

Historically, skincare products have not been created to truly address the unique issues of melanin-rich skin. Daily routines have therefore resulted in imbalances in their skin, negatively impacting health and self-confidence. People of color have been seeking skincare products that are crafted specifically for their needs and that effectively enhance and maintain the beauty of their skin. John Legend, in partnership with A-Frame Brands, is developing skincare solutions intentionally designed to help solve these challenges of melanin-rich skin in an affordable, accessible, and effective way, opening up access to high-quality skincare for all people of color.

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“Our skin is beautifully rich and colorful, but it also needs constant care, love, and healing. Our goal is to create high-quality yet accessible products because everyone should experience the joy of beautiful and healthy skin.”
- John Legend